Qualification trials for Continental 2017

The following dates are foreseen:

From 03.06.17 until 04.06.17 Pinkstertrial

From 05.06.17 until 05.06.17 Double outrun Pinkstertrial

From 17.06.17 until 18.06.17 Balentrial

From 24.06.17 until 25.06.17 Vlissegemtrial

Registration from our site Inschrijven

Price for participation:

FSB member: 15€ / not member FSB 30€

double outrun

FSB member: 25€ / not member FSB 40€


The five best results out of the 7 competition dates are taken into account for the final score.

The double outrun is scored at 150 % .

The other results are reduced to qualification results at 100%.

Your result x 100 / best result is the formula used to calculate your qualification score in the list.